Recent Updates

This lists the recent updates to CDC-X and other Dwyco software.

8 Dec 2017    New clients for 2.16

This update contains bug fixes and automatic account backup

22 Jun 2017    New clients for 2.15

This update contains eye-candy and some bug fixes

7 Sep 2016    New CDC-X clients for Windows/Mac/Linux

Clients for version 2.14 of CDC-X are available.

10 Aug 2016    New Windows update for CDC-X

V2.13 Windows update for CDC-X

4 Jun 2016    Updates for CDC-X clients

New updates for all CDC-X clients available

16 Sep 2015    New Windows CDC-X available

New CDC-X desktop client (2.11) available for Windows

14 Jan 2015    New CDC-X client for Windows and Mac

New 2.10 client for Windows and Mac available via auto-update and direct download

22 Aug 2014    New Windows, Mac, and Linux Clients

Version 2.9 adds communications security to CDC-X

28 Feb 2014    New clients for Windows and Mac

Version 2.8 is a bugfix release.

29 Jan 2014    New Windows and Mac clients

Updates for Windows and Mac clients, major rework of chatbox and video calling and simplified user and lobby boxes.

20 Mar 2013    New updates for Windows and Mac clients

This update adds a few minor features and fixes a few minor bugs.

1 Mar 2013    Update for Windows and Mac clients

Minor bugs that cropped up during the update are fixed by this release.

25 Feb 2013    New updates for Windows and Mac

Updates for Windows and Mac to enable profile review, and simplify user profile management. See Profile Info for more details.

13 Dec 2012    New updates, for Windows and Mac

New features available via auto-update and download from the website.

3 Aug 2012    CDC32 servers have been decomissioned

CDC32 servers have been shutdown as of 8/2012. This does NOT affect CDC-X or PowerBrowse.

If you arrived here because your installation of CDC32 isn't working, you must  download and install CDC-X manually (click the "download dwyco software" button on the left.)

1 Aug 2012    Minor update for all installers

Minor update for all installers due to server updates

13 Apr 2012    Updates for all clients

This update fixes a number of minor bugs that crept into the last release.

5 Apr 2012    New updates for all platforms

This update is a required. It adds some newer features that are incompatible with older clients. It includes support for adding pictures to your public chat, and fixes a number of bugs.

23 Feb 2012    Updates for all clients

This update contains minor updates for all clients. Windows clients also get updates to fix autoupdate.

14 Feb 2012    Updates for all clients

Minor bug fixes and updates for all platforms.

10 Feb 2012    Updates for all clients

Fix leaks, update some program text, add webcam support into Linux clients.

7 Feb 2012    Updates to Windows and Mac CDC-X

This update fixes some bugs and adds a few more places you can select "View profile..." throughout the user interface.



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