Known Bugs/Workarounds

This is a list of known bugs and workarounds in CDC-X

When I start CDC-X, I get a "user panic" or it crashes immediately.

This is on MS Windows:

Most of the time this is because the camera initialization has a problem. Try using the Start Menu item labeled "CDC-X No Camera", which will start CDC-X without touching the camera drivers.

Another problem we are trying to track down is related to "qtwebkit4.dll" crashing on first run. It appears to be random, and it usually goes away if you just continue to try and restart the program.

My video camera is "stuck" or won't show when I select it in Setup|Web Cam...

NOTE: Sometimes it appears that it is stuck when it isn't really stuck.

We've noticed that some cameras (especially Microsoft Lifecams and some Logitech cams on Win7/64) take an incredibly long time to initialize the drivers on the first run after a reboot. The only solution we know of is to just wait until it finishes.

Another workaround is to select "No Video" from the Setup|webcam... dialog. Then reselect the camera you want.  Usually some combination of selecting No video, clicking "done", then re-entering Setup|web cam... and select the camera will bring it back alive. After that, avoid changing it unless you really need to :-)

Autoupdate is broken.

In the Mac and Linux versions, the autoupdate window redirects you to a link where you can download and reinstall to perform the upgrade. 

Linux version won't start, missing libraries

The Linux versions are built on Ubuntu 14.04. However, they appear to work ok on most other distros we have tested as long as all the packages required are installed. The most common ones that are missing are:


Install "libesd0" and "esound" in Debian-style distros.

QtWebKit (on older distros)

Install "libqtwebkit4" package.

We have noticed some intermittent problems with QtWebKit crashing on older distros. Just try logging in again and it may sort itself out. Also, if you may want to check "don't load profile tab on entry to lobby" in the privacy settings (setup|advanced...).


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