In general, uninstallation is simple since CDC-X makes no changes to your system files.

However, since most people want to keep their saved messages and may be uninstalling and reinstalling for other reasons, the automatic procedure in Windows does not remove saved messages. How to delete all your saved messages is described below for each type of operating system.

Windows: Use the control panel in whatever version of windows you have, and then select "Add/Remove programs". Remove CDC-X there. This procedure is identical for PowerBrowse as well.

Using the system uninstall on Windows will not delete your saved messages. If you want to delete all your messages too, you can delete the installation folder (usually My Documents\Dwyco\CDC-X). CDC-X makes no modifications to your system except in the installation folder.

Mac: drag the green guy icon to the trash. To remove all your saved messages and other account information, use the finder to locate and remove "Library/Application Support/CDC-X".

Linux: remove the "cdcx" folder created when you installed (in $(HOME) unless you moved it afterwards.) This will delete all your saved messages too. If a desktop icon was created when you installed, simply drag it to the trash.

Note: CDC-X makes no modifications to your system files, and it is best run as a non-administrator.


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