CDC-X is the newest version of Dwyco. We appreciate bug reports, which you can report via the bug reporting link to the left, or email them to cdchelp@dwyco.com

What's all this about profile reviews and filtering?

Click here for the rundown on the new profile review and filtering.

MacOS Mt. Lion complains when trying to install CDC-X

CDC-X works fine on Mt. Lion. However, due to Apple's attempt to squelch applications that don't come from its app-store, you have to perform the following as a work-around to install CDC-X (and any other application that doesn't come from Apple's app-store.)

When trying to install CDC-X, instead of double-clicking, simply right-click (or control-click) on the icon that isn't opening properly, and select "open" from the dropdown menu. This should allow you to install and run CDC-X without problems.

My virus checker says there is a problem with "cdcxdwy.exe"

This is a false-positive. There are no viruses, malware, or other mysteryware in CDC-X. Installing CDC-X (running cdcxdwy.exe) is safe (in fact, it is safer than most software because it makes no modifications to your system files.) 

Workaround: most virus checkers have a way of temporarily reducing their "paranoia level" so you can work around false-positives like this. Click on the tray icon for the virus checker and look there for something like "Auto-protect" or "Active protection". Temporarily disable it, retry the install, and then turn it back on.

More details:

Some virus checkers think the CDC-X auto-update system "acts like a virus" because of the way it works. Some Norton virus checkers simply block CDC-X because it is relatively new (their so-called "reputation based" checking.)

Here is an explanation from Norton:


Please, if you get a warning from a virus checker, just forward us the message. We'll contact the maker of the anti-virus and resolve the issue with them.

Will I lose all my zaps if I install CDC-X?

No, you will not lose anything. CDC-X  installs into a completely separate folder. CDC-X will not modify your existing CDC32 or other legacy software installation in any way.

Does CDC-X protect my chats from snooping?

As of version 2.11, yes. Here are the details:

  • All chats and video/audio streams are encrypted when sending peer to peer or via server.
  • All messages are sent using end-to-end encryption if they are sent to a version 2.11 or newer client. This means that messages (and attached files and other media) are fully encrypted, even when they are stored on our servers. Messages sent to older clients are not encrypted while they are stored on our servers.
  • Information going to and from the public chat servers is encrypted.
  • Information coming from the web servers (the "recent visitors" and "profiles" tabs in CDC-X) is not encrypted. But this is public information anyway, so this is not much of a security issue. We'll be moving to secure communications in this area in a coming release.)

As a practical matter, snooping will be very difficult. Keep in mind, your messages are not encrypted by CDC-X once they are stored on your computer. You must use whatever encryption is provided by your operating system to provide security locally.

Why does CDC-X install into "My Documents" instead of "Program Files"?

This is so you can run CDC-X as a completely un-priviledged user on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. By installing locally in My Documents, each user on your computer can have a completely separate and secure copy of CDC-X. Also, many backup programs back up data in My Documents automatically, so this allows your saved zaps to be backed up without any extra setup.

How do I install CDC-X on Linux?

We have tested CDC-X for Linux on Ubuntu 14.04, though we expect it would work on any distribution that contains the necessary components, the primary components being:

  • Qt 4.8
  • SDL
  • ESound

The Linux version is somewhat more primitive to install, and is best done via the command-line.

How do I completely uninstall CDC-X?

Windows: Use the control panel in whatever version of windows you have, and then select "Add/Remove programs". Remove CDC-X there.

Using the system uninstall will not delete your saved messages. If you want to delete all your messages too, you can just delete the installation folder (usually My Documents\Dwyco\CDC-X, CDC-X makes no modifications to your system except in the installation folder.

Mac: drag the green guy icon to the trash. To remove all your saved messages and other account information, use the finder to locate and remove "Library/Application Support/CDC-X".

Linux: remove the "cdcx" folder created when you installed. This will delete all your saved messages too.

Note: CDC-X makes no modifications to your system files, and it is normally run as a non-administrator.


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