Legacy Dwyco Software FAQ

You may have noticed that certain chat systems were turned off February 9, 2012.

Many older versions of chat software were based on Dwyco's core technology. 

If you were a user of this older software, what does this mean to you? Here are a few answers to that question.

I have a lot of messages I want to keep and view

There are two options you have in this area (both options are FREE):

  • Download Dwyco PowerBrowse, an offline message browser for CDC32, CDC-X, and and other software. It is free and can be downloaded here.
  • We used to have an "account import" in CDC-X, but discontinued it in v2.9. If you want to import old messages, contact cdchelp@dwyco.com and we can help.

Will I lose all my messages?

No. PowerBrowse is a browser and does not modify your messages. CDC-X "Import old account" simply copies your old messages, leaving your original CDC32 messages untouched.

Do I have to pay to use Dwyco software?

Nope. Dwyco software is free to use as long as you like.


CDC32, CDC-X, PowerBrowse and this website are Copyright 1995-2017 (c) Dwyco, Inc.  All rights reserved.

CDC32, CDC-X, and PowerBrowse are not public domain. The programs are being distributed as FREEWARE with the option to buy. See license for more details. Send comment/inquiries/bug reports to: