Dwyco VideoChat Community (CDC-X) Downloads

These are the links to download CDC-X for various platforms. The installers are updated frequently, so visit and download and re-run the installer to upgrade to the latest version. Click here for details on recent updates.

Note: Dwyco Video Conferencing (CDC-X) does not require any administrative priviledges to install or run. It is installed in a local folder for whatever user you are currently logged in as. It does not modify your system files in any way.

CDC-X for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Download and run the installer as you normally would for any application. CDC-X installs to a local folder and doesn't require any special administrative priviledges.

To run, use the icons provided. If you have problems getting it started, you can try the "No Camera" startup icons so that it will not touch your camera drivers on startup (camera drivers can sometimes cause problems.)

CDC-X for MacOS 10.7+

To install, double-click the dmg file to mount it, then simply drag the greenguy icon to your desktop. Double-click the greenguy to start CDC-X.

In order to upgrade, quit CDC-X, then use the exact same procedure as above, but tell MacOS to "replace" the existing item if it asks.

MacOS 10.8+ (Mt. Lion, Mavericks) users: you will have to RIGHT-CLICK on the CDC-X.dmg and/or greenguy icon and explicitly select "OPEN". This is due to Apple's new policy regarding apps not downloaded directly from their app store. You will only have to do this once, as MacOS remembers your choice and remembers not to ask you again.

CDC-X for Linux (x86_64)

To install, download the installer to the Downloads directory (usually the default for most browsers.)

Start a command prompt and do this (assumes Ubuntu 14.04):

(assuming you are in your home directory)

sh Downloads/cdcx-linux-x86_64.sh

This creates a "cdcx" directory in your home directory. Now:

cd cdcx


The "installer" also creates a desktop icon you can double-click on to start CDC-X.

If you get errors about missing libraries, there is a README.txt file in the cdcx directory that contains some info on what you can try.

CDC-X Linux (i386)

Sorry, this Linux installer is currently unavailable. Please email cdchelp@dwyco.com if you would like to try a 32-bit version of CDC-X.


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